CSC® Digital Brand Services has joined forces with OpSec® Security—one of the world’s leading authorities in digital marketplace monitoring and intellectual property rights enforcement—to identify online counterfeiting, and stop fraudsters from exploiting your brands.

Best-Practices-Marketplace THUMB_ENIn an interactive guide, we’ve identified 10 best practices that can help you tackle online counterfeiting. From understanding your critical business drivers—like revenue and reputation—to identifying what channels to monitor, and choosing your targets.

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Put a halt to online counterfeiting of your brand.  Learn more about anti counterfeiting measures download CSC’s complimentary Best Practice Guide to Marketplace Monitoring.

CSC’s Marketplace Monitoring and Enforcement services make it difficult for both counterfeiters and vendors misusing your brand to sell their products under your name. Combining cutting-edge technologies with an expert Enforcement Team, we’ll uncover illegal and unauthorized online sales, and enforce your intellectual property rights. We’ll evaluate your portfolio of brands and the key marketplaces of interest, to make customized recommendations that fit your budget, and your objectives.

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10 steps to tackling online counterfeiting