By Vincent D’Angelo

Resolution #5: Evaluate your brand monitoring program 

In an ongoing blog post series, CSC’s Vincent D’Angelo shares 6 resolutions for brand owners.

Monitoring is an important aspect of your online brand protection game plan and should take into account the size and shape of your brand’s “digital footprint” across the various digital channels. The new year is a good time to check that you have the right monitoring in place to protect your brands across all the digital channels that are critical to your business.

Monitoring allows you to understand exactly what types of infringements occur within your industry and in relation to your brand. By effectlvely monitoring channels such as search, mobile, email and direct navigation (e.g. domain registrations), companies can identify abuse and take immediate action where it makes sense. This final element is the most important thing to take out of this post, as it is important only to take action where appropriate.pull_quote_resolution5

Robust monitoring with proper analysis will allow you to understand which incidents are most critical or harmful to your brand and allow you to prioritize accordingly and keep costs down.

For example, a domain diverting traffic away from an authentic site is a clear priority and should be acted upon immediately, through the appropriate channels.

This of course should be a higher priority than an infringement upon a social media page which has garnered just a few followers. This can be ignored to some extent, however, should it develop further then once again brand enforcement may be required.

(Stay tuned for our next blog post and Resolution #6: Understand your enforcement options)





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