Brand Bulletin Issue 6SSL digital certificates are critical assets for enabling safe online transactions and instilling confidence in your customers.

The green address bar, the “lock” icon, the sight of a URL that begins with “https:” — all of these are important outward signs that reassure your clients and affiliates that they’ve entered a zone where their personal and business data is encrypted and secure.

Yet many companies—in fact, some surprisingly high-profile ones—have been guilty of careless certificate management in the past. The result has been embarrassment, confusion, and a loss of consumer confidence.

Attentive SSL digital certificate management should be a cornerstone of your company’s eCommerce strategy. Yet it doesn’t have to be complicated. In the latest issue of The Brand Bulletin, CSC Digital Brand Service’s newsletter, we cover the subject in clear, straightforward terms. Spend a few minutes with us and we’ll show you how to do it right, once and for all.

Download The Brand Bulletin, issue 6, now. 

Are your digital certificates hurting your business?

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