An injured Long Island iron worker has attempted to register a trademark for ‘Occupy Wall Street’.

Robert Maresca, along with his wife Diane, has filed an application to trademark the protest movement’s name, in the hope that they can sell official merchandise.

The duo’s application stated that ‘Occupy Wall Street’ branded goods have the potential to make money all around the world.

Speaking to the Smoking Gun, Mr. Maresca defended his decision to try and cash in on what is a protest against corporate greed.

“If I didn’t buy it and use it someone else will,” he stated.

Mr. Maresca said he thought T-shirts, bumper stickers, footwear, umbrellas and bags carrying the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ logo could prove to be big sellers.

The protest commenced in New York’s Zuccotti Park on September 17th 2011, and has inspired copycat uprisings around the world.

Attempt made to trademark ‘Occupy Wall Street’

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