Internet users have been warned again about the scourge that is cybersquatting.

Speaking to the Waikato Times, Sophos head of technology Paul Ducklin explained that fraudsters often try to lure web users to fake sites.

They do so by registering domain names with common typos, in the hope that internet users will accidentally venture onto their domain.

At this point, they may be able to infect their systems with malware or use other techniques to access confidential data.

Mr. Ducklin said that cybersquatters are only interested in one thing – ripping people off.

Should individuals find themselves on such a website, the advice is simple – “don’t buy, don’t try and don’t reply”, he urged.

According to Sophos, the domain name most commonly targeted by cybersquatters at present is, meaning internet users should take care when typing names into the URL.

Be aware of cybersquatting risks, businesses urged
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