Domain name owners should be aware of the most common phishing scams, and take steps to reduce their exposure to online crime, it has been claimed.

Rik Ferguson, director of security, research and communications for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Trend Micro, said there are a number of obvious signs for individuals to look out for where phishing is concerned.

“If there’s an unexpected email promising you something from somebody you don’t know, treat it with absolute suspicion,” he warned.

“[Where] someone you don’t know is offering you something you didn’t ask for just delete it out of hand – don’t even bother reading it.”

Mr. Ferguson also called on domain name owners to double-check the origin of messages, even when they seemingly come from trusted contacts.

This is because fraudsters are becoming increasingly apt at hacking into other people’s email and social networking accounts in order to circulate phishing messages, he claimed.

“It is always worth double checking, and what you might also be doing is alerting that person to the fact that their account has been compromised,” Mr. Ferguson added.

Be aware of phishing scams, domain name holders urged
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