Social media can be a major asset for companies seeking to build their brands and reach out to new customers.

An increasing number of enterprises are recognizing the potential of networking sites and using them to engage with consumers over the internet.

Just this week, Elemental Communications director Tim Gibbon highlighted the benefits of micro-blogging site Twitter, one of the world’s most popular social media portals.

The website has attracted millions of Tweeters and Followers worldwide and continues to gain in popularity.

Mr. Gibbon said that despite each post being limited to 140 characters, firms are using Twitter to develop stronger ties with their customers.

“Twitter currently presents a flexible cost-effective method of reaching audiences that other socially driven resources are taking steps to restrict,” he stated.

“The service has no intention of going anywhere and indeed will be challenging many of the third party services that were developed to fill in the gaps of Twitter’s shortcomings.

But social media sites such as Twitter can potentially increase companies’ exposure to risk if the necessary brand protection steps are not taken.

Companies should look to secure social media usernames associated with their trademarks, in order to prevent third parties from claiming them instead.

If a social media username falls into the wrong hands, there is a chance that people could choose to impersonate a company for their own ends.

Businesses cannot be blamed for having their trademarks infringed by third-parties, but it is they who are likely to see unhappy customers and a loss of brand reputation.

Firms are in a much stronger position if they register social media usernames associated with their brands and trademarks, even if they do not plan to launch active accounts.

Brand protection: Ensuring social media is a force for good

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