Memorability is the key aspect of any business domain name, it has been suggested.

According to, the more memorable a domain name is, the more likely consumers will pay repeat visits to the website in the future.

The news provider explained that short domain names, by nature, stick in the mind more easily. Not only this, but they are perfect for sharing across social networking websites and other media.

“For instance it saves characters on Twitter, fits on your business card, and spreads rapidly through the word of mouth,” said.

The websites urged companies to include a call-to-action in their domain name where possible, for instance

When new top level domains are introduced in 2012, companies may be able to use this technique to their advantage to increase memorability.

The news provider explained that the extension plays an important role, as registering with a country code may make international expansion more difficult in the future.

“Should there be a shortage of suitable names on mainstream extensions, keep in mind that some new ccTLDs – including .me and .co – may be a good option since they are geo-targeted in the Webmaster Tools,” stated.

“Therefore, you can set them to any location regardless of their country of origin.”

Business domain names ‘should be memorable’
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