Domain name hijacking is becoming a more potent threat to online businesses, it has been suggested.

Writing for, Meridith Levinson explained that fraudsters and hackers are increasingly targeting websites, putting sensitive information at risk.

The way confidential information is shared is being compromised, she suggested.

Ms. Levinson explained that some organizations’ email can be hacked over an extended period of time, without them even realizing it.

Ram Mohan, a board member of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, explained that one company saw its mail compromised for five months, with outsiders “listening in” on all activity.

“That’s one of the worst cases because it’s disguised and hidden and nobody knows unless you notice where the address is going,” he stated.

As such domain name owners need to take steps to guard their internet real estate, and ensure key account information is kept secure.

Domain names are valuable corporate assets, and this should be reflected in company security policy.

Businesses warned over domain name hijacking
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