The Cambridge Satchel Company is ramping up its brand protection efforts in order to deal with a series of targeted counterfeit operations.

Julie Deane, who set up The Cambridge Satchel Company in 2008, noted that a number of people have gotten in touch with the company after purchasing a satchel from a fraudulent site.

Part of the problem, Deane noted, is that even after her company gets the domains of counterfeit sites closed through legal routes, counterfeiters are coming back with “new names and new approaches.”

“Using our photographs and copyrighted materials, the sites look like they are carrying the real thing,” Deane remarked.

The Cambridge Satchel Company’s growing popularity was recently highlighted in the Google Chrome advertisement series “The Web is What You Make of It.” The company’s experience with counterfeit web sales demonstrates how important brand protection is to businesses with an online presence.

Issues such as these can cause not only loss of revenues but reputational damage, so companies need to have internet monitoring tools and strategies in place to combat brand erosion.

Cambridge Satchel Company ‘focusing on brand protection’

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