With the U.S. election drawing nearer by the day, both candidates–Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney–are doing all they can to seize every little advantage.

And in the last few days, the bitter battle for the White House has reached the World Wide Web, with Romney buying around a dozen new domain names, which he hopes to use to raise issues and undermine the credibility of the current president.

It has been confirmed that the Republican candidate has acquired domain names like theapologistinchief.com and agingrockstar2012.com and according to industry experts, he intends to use these to propel his campaign.

Despite this, Peter Pasi, a Republican digital fundraiser, warned that the acquisition of new domain names is no guarantee of success at the polls.

“If they don’t reinforce something that is already out there about a candidate, the use is limited,” he told USA Today.

Recent opinion polls suggest that the upcoming election will be a close one and the battle for hearts and minds will be critical.

Candidate acquires domain names as he eyes White House
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