Companies looking to secure .uk domain names for longer periods may benefit from new rules introduced by the non-profit-making organization in charge of the .uk internet infrastructure.

Nominet has announced that multi-year registration will be launched from May 1st 2012 and offer a greater array of choices for registrants.

It is also expected that this change will allow consumers and businesses to obtain more flexible packages when securing a .uk domain names.

The decision was made following a consultation by Nominet, during which both member companies and the domain name community provided their views on how these changes should be implemented.

“The consultation showed that the majority of the registrar community supported its introduction,” it explained.

Earlier this month, Nominet’s annual report showed that the demand for .uk domain names is at its highest pace ever and has become the world’s second-largest country code registry, with nine million domains in existence.

Change ‘will allow firms to secure multiyear .uk domains’

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