HKIRC, the Registry for .HK domain names, has announced that they plan to launch the new IDN ccTLD in February/March 2011.  In preparation for the launch, HKIRC will permanently discontinue offering domain names starting January 18, 2011. Any names registered before that date will continue to resolve and be renewable.  In addition, any registrant who holds a name at the time of the IDN ccTLD launch in February/March 2011 will be automatically allocated the corresponding name in the .hk IDN cctld.

Brand owners who are interested in registering IDN ccTLD names in February/March 2011 should strongly consider registering the corresponding domain in prior to January 18, 2011 so they will be automatically awarded the IDN ccTLD version when the launch occurs.

For more information about registering a domain name before the deadline, please contact CSC at 888-780-2723 (North America) or +44 (0)20 7565 4090 (Europe). Registrations To Be Discontinued Starting January 18th
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