The China Internet Network Information Center, registry for the .cn domain, has announced the launch of the new .china (.中 国) Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) extension.

Sunrise Phase 1 for the .中 国 IDN will begin this Saturday, September 15, 2012, and is open to trademark holders.

The following guidelines apply:

  • A valid, matching trademark owned by the registrant is required.
  • Trademark must be a fully registered word trademark. Figurative, mixed, or image trademarks are not accepted.
  • Trademark may consist of Chinese characters, English letters, and/or numbers. Domain name must be an exact match or an acceptable variation of the trademark (i.e., pinyin in the place of the Chinese characters on the trademark).
  • All general .cn registration requirements and required documentation will also apply to this IDN extension.

To apply, contact CSC

If you are interested in applying for a domain name under .china (.中 国 ), please speak to your Corporation Service Company (CSC) account manager or contact your customer service representative today.

For more about IDNs

To learn more about Internationalized Domain Names and best practices for their registration and use, CSC is pleased to offer a new white paper, “A World of Opportunity: Making the Most of Internationalized Domain Names.” To download your free copy, click here.



Chinese registry announces launch of .china (.中 国 ) extension

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