According to Norid, the .NO registry, the following decisions were made by the court in their case against CoDNS, the “registry” for .CO.NO:

“The Court states that Norid’s decision to put on the list of forbidden names was justified and within the requirements of the domain regulation. The Court thus finds the decision valid. Further, the Court states that Norid is not liable to pay damages to Elineweb AS.

The Court does, however, state that the contract between Elineweb AS and CoDNS is not in conflict with the current system of agreements, and that Norid cannot revoke the domain on that basis.”

At this time CoDNS has not released information about continuing the launch of, as the judgment is not yet enforceable and Norid has not decided on whether to appeal it or not. Further information will be provided as this case advances or is finalized in the future.

.CO.NO Tentative Court Decision
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