A unique, category-defining domain name is to become available on the open market for the first time, it has been revealed.

Domain name investors may be interested to learn that the company.net domain name has been put up for sale.

Luc Biggs, who owns the domain name, said the web address will be auctioned off for the first time in 16 years.

The domain name will be sold to the highest bidder on Thursday October 20th, he announced.

According to the seller, ‘company’ is a top-tier business related keyword that is recognized around the world.

“It encompasses many services – company creation, legal services, document preparation, registered agent services, virtual offices, paid business listings, and much more,” he said.

Hopes are high that company.net may generate significant interest, and lead to another six or seven-figure purchase at auction.

Already in 2011, Social.com ($2,600,000), DataCenter.com ($352,000), CreditCard.net ($138,000) and Cars.net ($170,000) have changed hands for significant sums of money.

Company.net domain name ‘becomes available for first time’
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