UK-based information security specialist NCC is looking to obtain a more secure web address as the internet continues to evolve.

ICANN is rolling out its new generic top-level domain names (gTLDs) this year to add to the current top-level domains currently in use such as .com and .net. Several companies have already registered their interest in obtaining some of the new suffixes, which include generic, brand and location-specific domains.

The Financial Times reports NCC has applied for the .secure gTLD as it attempts to build a more “gated community” on the internet.

Chief executive of the company Rob Cotton told the publication: “The internet is broken. It’s like the Wild West. There’s no trust left. We have to act before it is too late. It’s an arms race we are in danger of losing.”

Each domain name has a set fee, but an auction will take place for those with more than one bidder. In the case of the .secure tag, Amazon has also registered its interest in obtaining it.

In cases such as this, smaller companies will most likely be outbid by larger companies, however, Mr. Cotton is hoping ICANN will favor NCC as it will not restrict its use to just one company. NCC plans to open up the internet by licensing the use of the gTLD to other parties.

Cybersquatting – in which people register web domains that are similar in name to those of legitimate companies -has been a growing issue over the years. Several organizations buy up similar looking domains just to stop cyber squatters from taking them over.

It is likely companies will do the same with the upcoming gTLDs, buying up domains that are similar in order to increase their overall brand protection.

NCC aims to only license out the .secure domain name to those who have a legitimate claim to them. Each application will be thoroughly checked in order to stop cybersquatters from obtaining the domain.

Computer security specialist NCC looking to acquire .secure domain name
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