As the digital world continues to expand and become a bigger part of our daily lives, counterfeiters around the world are looking to take advantage of our reliance on consumer electronics.

We’ve all heard the stories of exploding smartphones and blenders bursting into flames—dangerous for both the consumer and the reputation of the brands being counterfeited. Cyber criminals are using the relative anonymity afforded to them by the online world to ply their trade.

So what does that mean to your business? With bad actors fueling an industry predicted to eclipse $3 trillion (U.S.) by 2020, there are questions to ask: if there are rogue websites selling cheap replicas of your product, or fake social media profiles posing as your brand, how many are there, where are they, and what can you do to stop them?

Our complimentary guide, titled “The Online Counterfeit Economy: Consumer Electronics,” takes a snapshot of the current landscape of counterfeiting in the consumer electronics market, and maps out four key steps to protect your brand from threats.

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Consumer Electronics Counterfeiting: Four Key Steps to Protecting Your Brand Online