Cyber threats such as domain name and domain name system (DNS) hijacking enable criminals to redirect web traffic, email, apps, and other connections to services that rely on the hijacked domain name. The exploitation of weaknesses in DNS infrastructure is caused by a lack of controls, processes, and policies with most organizations.

For clients using a security operations platform or a SIEM, it’s now possible to display all your security intelligence in one place, adding security controls for domains, DNS, and digital certificates. This insight can help organizations lessen business continuity disruptions that lead to financial repercussions, loss of consumer trust, and sensitive data leaks.

This is the first time any organization is able to integrate security controls for digital assets outside the firewall into their security operations platform, including a SIEM.

>> Read the full press announcement on our new domain name security intelligence API that brings together the power of CSC’s domain name security intelligence with other cloud-based security operations platforms.

CSC Introduces New Domain Name Security Intelligence API