The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), one of the rights-protection measures built into ICANN’s New gTLD program, opened for registrations on March 26, 2013. Companies are strongly encouraged to formulate a strategy now and select an agent, such as CSC Digital Brand Services, to act on their behalf and register any relevant trademarks with the Clearinghouse.

Thanks to our vast expertise in the domain space and involvement in past TLD launches, CSC Digital Brand Services is well-positioned to meet your TMCH needs. It is critical to note that any company or brand owner interested in participating—that is, registering any domain names during any of the new gTLD Sunrise periods—must register their mark(s) with the TMCH. Registration is also required for those who wish to receive timely alerts about registrations that match their trademarks.

With our recent acquisition of Melbourne IT’s Digital Brand Services division, CSC Digital Brand Services is now the industry leader for New gTLD Services. We aim to continue providing you with the professional and personal service you’ve come to expect, and are eager to assist you with the entire TMCH process, including:

  • Recommendations on which of your trademarks to register
  • Reducing the costs, risks, and administrative burdens associated with storing and managing your data and related SMD files for marks registered with the TMCH
  • End-to-end support for your TMCH registrations, including action against trademark abuse notifications

Please contact us to learn more about this critical next step in the gTLD process. Additional details about CSC Digital Brand Services’ Trademark Clearinghouse Services are provided in our TMCH  Information Sheet.

CSC Digital Brand Services is ready to assist with Trademark Clearinghouse registrations
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