Online Brand Enforcement 2017World Trademark Review magazine published their annual Online Brand Enforcement guide for 2017 earlier this year, and naturally, looked to CSC to participate. A thought leader in online brand protection and cyber security, CSC’s Digital Brand Services team was happy to lend their expertise on the matter.

Product Manager Tim McKeever wrote a piece discussing in detail the best practices for mobile app defense, while emphasizing the importance of digital asset monitoring and enforcement.

“Businesses need to change their expectations regarding how we consume data, and mobile apps are important for two main reasons,” McKeever said. “The first reason is simply that having a mobile app allows businesses to compete in the digital marketplace; the second is that if you do not have an app for a product, you leave yourself open to fraudsters creating one to scam your customers or even sell their own products while diverting sales from you.”

Latest data shows that consumers spend more time using mobile digital media (51%) compared to desktop access (42%), meaning mobile apps are a key segment that should not be ignored. In the article, McKeever sheds light on how businesses need to monitor their mobile app activity, while enforcing their rights in the digital space.

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CSC on mobile apps in World Trademark Review’s “Online Brand Enforcement 2017”