The introduction of new top level domain names — including the recently approved .xxx Web suffix — could result in a sharp rise in the number of cybersquatting cases.

According to Fresh Business Thinking contributor and top level domain name expert Andreas Edler, while there will be far more Web addresses to choose from as a result of the introduction of new top level domain names, businesses may fall victim to cybersquatting if they don’t pre-emptively register new addresses that contain their company name.

Failure to pick up lucrative domain names with the new top level endings could have a major, negative impact on companies’ existing Web traffic, Mr. Edler noted.

He added that many businesses are likely to adopt several different domain names as a means of protecting themselves against the potentially financially damaging practice of cybersquatting.

Recently, domain name specialist Paul Rubens told that businesses must never forget to renew their domain names.

Cybersquatting risk increased by new domain names

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