Manulife and Football Federation Australia are amongst hundreds of leading global companies using CSC Security Center to reduce exposure to DNS hijacking

CSC joins the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the UK National Cyber Security Centre, and other leading security organizations—including Cisco Talos, FireEye®, and Akamai—in alerting corporations and the public to the recent widespread, state-sponsored domain name system (DNS) hijacking. The targets of these recent attacks include government, corporate, telecommunication, and infrastructure entities resulting in website and email redirection to collect sensitive information. We urge companies to stay vigilant and employ security protocols to reduce exposure.

In response to DNS hijacking risk and other cyber crime, CSC introduced CSC Security CenterSM in 2018. It’s an online interface powered by advanced proprietary algorithms designed to expose security blind spots across domain names, DNS, and digital certificates that make vital online brand assets susceptible to DNS hijacking, phishing, and distributed denial of service attacks.

Domain and DNS hijacking are not new security threats, which is why we developed CSC Security Center and are encouraged that hundreds of the world’s largest companies are using it to help protect these critical online elements that enable them to operate,” says CSC Digital Brand Services General Manager Mark Calandra. “The sophistication and impact of the recent wave of attacks serves as a wakeup call that effectively managing domain names, DNS, and digital certificates needs to be a critical component for enhancing the security posture of any company with an online presence.”

CSC Security Center proactively identifies business-critical domains, and monitors them continually to ensure they’re protected. This includes checking for registry- and registrar-level locks that prevent unauthorized changes, reviewing user permissions, and verifying that security-focused, enterprise-class DNS hosting and digital certificates are implemented.

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CSC Alerts Companies To Increased DNS Hijacking