The number of domain name registrations is set to increase during 2012, as demand for internet real estate continues to grow, it has been suggested.

According to, each day sees “a significant rise” in the number of websites, domain names and files uploaded online.

The firm said that, along with websites and domain names, the number of email accounts and files shared online increased dramatically in 2011.

And with businesses and organizations becoming increasingly active in the online sphere, this trend looks set to continue during 2012.

“No longer reserved for large corporates or government departments, the number of websites created each day continues to rise as bloggers, individuals and small businesses also broaden their reach online,” noted.

The firm explained that in 2011 alone, 300 million new websites were created, bringing the current total to 555 million.

“Approximately 160,000 domain names are registered each day as new websites are created or brands and individuals look to protect their online identity by securing various domains,” the firm stated.

“The most popular extension remains .com, with 6.7 million new .com domains being registered in 2011.”

And the inclusion of February 29th – Leap Year Day – on the calendar in 2012 is likely boost domain growth, with reporting at least 18,000 name registrations on Wednesday.

Thomas Medard Frederiksen, chief operating officer at the firm, said the proliferation of the internet has meant there is more information available than ever before, and sharing it is made easier every day.

“The extra 24 hours that a leap year brings could mean millions more files shared and hundreds of thousands of websites springing up,” he suggested.

“When enjoying all the net has to offer, people should take care to ensure that, while uploading files to sharing services or social networks, they have backed up important files, such as irreplaceable photographs of memorable moments.”

Domain name growth ‘set to continue during 2012’

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