Businesses can derive a number of benefits from owning their own domain name, it has been suggested.

Writing for, Marty Foley explained that without a domain name, organizations’ email and web addresses will generally be based on the domain name of their host or Internet service provider.

“Having your own domain name is like owning your own virtual real estate; your own slice of cyber turf,” he stated.

“Such exclusivity can help build name recognition for you and your company.”

Mr. Foley said that owning a domain names adds credibility to an organization, and enables it to make a positive impression with consumers.

Ownership also provides a firm with greater mobility, enabling them to switch to another web host should they see fit, he said.

Mr. Foley claimed that possessing a domain name helps avoid loss of momentum – if firms are required to switch web addresses this can result in customer attrition.

“Having the option to move your website to another host without losing your web address is always good to have open to you,” he added.

Domain name ownership ‘important for business’
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