Businesses seeking to attract new customers via search engine optimization (SEO) need to select an appropriate domain name, it has been claimed.

Writing for Search Engine Land, Chris Sherman said domain names are “a crucial element” for capturing clicks and conversions from search results.

“If you have a credible, trusted domain name, you’ve got an advantage, as searchers really do pay attention to the URL in search results before deciding to click,” he stated.

“And this is true regardless of the position of the URL on a search result page.”

Mr. Sherman commented that web users are demonstrating “a clear preference” for credibility and trustworthiness in a domain name – so a website’s Google ranking is less important than in the past.

Even if search result rankings change due to factors like personalization or algorithmic tweaks, searchers don’t seem to care, he added.

According to The Best Spinner, businesses should still attempt to secure as high a search engine ranking as possible with their new website – which is easier if their domain name is keyword-rich.

Where possible, organizations should attempt to include their main keyword phrase in the URL.

Domain name quality important for SEO
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