Selecting a domain name is “a vital step” in the growth of a new business, according to one internet commentator.

Thomas Darré Medard Frederiksen, chief operating officer at, said a well-chosen domain name can help broaden a company’s reach.

“When combined with interesting content and a solid service or product it can be a winning formula,” he stated.

“Consider all the options, take into account current offerings as well as future plans and select a domain name that will [deliver].”

Up until April 12. 2012, companies have the option of registering their own generic top level domain names, which gives them maximum flexibility when creating a new web address.

But even without gTLDs, there are still 22 top level domains – such as .com, .info and .net – to choose from.

Mr. Frederiksen suggested that .com domains are generally the most favorable as they tend to have the widest reach on the internet.

But as a result, they are more difficult to obtain, and some organizations may be required to pay hefty sums to secure ownership of the domain name of their choice.

Domain name selection vital to business growth

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