Organizations do not necessarily need to register domain names which are based around their main company brand, it has been claimed.

Writing for Business Insider, Fred Wilson, principal at Union Square Ventures, said it is more important for the domain name to be catchy, and as a consequence, memorable.

He said that companies should not obsess about getting a name that is descriptive.

“It’s great to be Kickstarter if you are building a funding platform for creative ideas, but it is not required. Do focus on a word that is short, catchy, and memorable.

“If you own a domain that can work, give it serious consideration. You’ll save yourself a ton of pain and agony.”

Mr. Wilson said organizations should be prepared to pay for a good domain.

He claimed it is unlikely that companies will be able to get their hands on valuable online real estate for less than $10,000, and it could cost a lot more to secure the ideal Web address.

Domain names ‘do not need to center on company brands’
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