Businesses need to ensure they re-register domain names ahead of their expiry dates, it has been suggested.

Writing for sflcn.con, Kevin Michael explained that domain names are a very important brand asset for businesses of all types, in the same way as their logo.

“It is very important that every organization takes the necessary steps to ensure their domain name is protected,” he noted.

Michael suggested that long-term domain name registration may reduce the risk of a business failing to re-register its Web address.

“Registering your domain for five or more years into the future is not a bad idea if you’re willing to spend the extra cash now,” he stated.

“Not only do search engines look favorably upon domains that have a long term registration, but it also takes that one extra thing to do off your checklist for the next five years.”

But business owners need to ensure they make a note of the expiry date, however far in the future this may be.

Upon expiry, other parties may be entitled to register the domain name, which can lead to website downtime and loss of customers.

Domain names: Make a note of the expiry date
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