A number of leading email providers are supporting a new initiative geared at reducing instances of phishing, it has been reported.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL are all taking a stand on malicious emails, where fraudsters attempt to coax financial details and other confidential information out of web users.

The companies have created DMARC.org, a working group of 15 firms which aims to push a standard set of technologies, which should help improve email security, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Each email would be authenticated by the sender, helping service provider to filter phishing emails by those which can be trusted.

Brett McDowell, chair of DMARC and a senior manager at PayPal, said senders need policies that tell email providers how to treat non-authenticated messages.

Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research, added, “If you are a big bank or a retailer, you have a very strong interest in making sure people trust your messages.”

Email providers taking action against phishing
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