The domain name industry is struggling to persuade registrars, ISPs and end-users to adopt Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), it has been claimed.

Writing for CircleID, Afilias’ chief technology officer Ram Mohan explained that the global rollout is continuing apace at the domain name registry level, with 25 per cent of top-level domains now signed.

However, he said there is something of a “chicken and egg” problem as the industry attempts to ensure the widespread use of DNSSEC.

Mr. Mohan explained that larger country code top level domains and generic top level domains signed their zones later, and as a result have seen lower adoption so far.

“The road to universal DNSSEC deployment will be long and fraught with challenges,” he stated.

“Open industry discussions and the sharing of experiences and best practices can only help make the roll-out shorter and easier for all concerned.”

Mr. Mohan said DNSSEC deployment is something the internet “is relying on us all to do”, but patience is needed at this stage.

End users ‘not yet embracing DNSSEC’
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