Former drug trafficker ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross has filed a new lawsuit against rapper Rick Ross, it has been reported.

Despite a previous trademark infringement case being thrown out, Freeway Rick is preparing for another day in court on May 2nd — this time in the state of California.

In a lawsuit filed in June 2010, the plaintiff — who spent a decade in prison — sued Universal Music Group and others for trademark violations, unfair competition and misappropriation of publicity rights.

However, the case was thrown out by the federal courts, with the judge ruling that the widespread use of the name Rick Ross in magazines, television, and other media channels made it impossible to trademark.

Freeway Rick has now obtained new legal representation, and is again seeking compensation from the same defendants.

“We always knew our case was stronger in the state than it was in the Feds. California state law really protects people with their names and their likenesses,” Freeway Rick told

Ex-drug trafficker files trademark lawsuit
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