Businesses have been urged to give plenty of thought to the domain names they register when setting up a new website.

Tara West, brand monitoring and protection adviser at Impact Media, said domain names can have global implications for businesses, so it is important to maximize their marketing value.

Writing in the company blog, she highlighted the potential value of including the main company brand in the Web address — particularly for larger firms.

“If your brand is already well known, the strength of its reputation might mean that you should include the brand name within the domain name,” West stated.

However, she suggested that less well-known organizations may wish to adopt a slightly different approach.

“If you are a new or unknown brand, you could benefit from including the type of service as well as the country or location which it targets within the domain name,” she added.

Last month, Reel SEO contributor Jeremy Scott suggested that long-winded, search engine optimization focused domain names could become a thing of the past.

He noted that keyword density is no longer the only factor when Google ranks websites during a search.

Firms urged to consider domain name construction

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