The launch of generic top level domains may expose some internet users to greater security dangers, it has been suggested.

Writing for Sophos, Lachlan Urquhart explained that the launch of new domain name suffixes will force reassessment of established perceptions of risk.

“Registration of generic terms like .shoes, .car and .jacket, in addition to recognized brands, may distort indicators of legitimate sites,” he suggested.

The result could be that users increasingly place unfounded trust in dubious domains, Mr Urquhart warned.

He expressed hope that the extensive use of search engines may help mitigate such dangers, by directing web users to the website they are looking for.

Back in December, the US Federal Trade Commission criticized the generic top level domain name program, highlighting potential cybersquatting and phishing risks.

Various other bodies, including the Association of National Advertisers, have also criticized the generic top level domain name plan.

Generic domain names ‘could expose some internet users’
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