Whether it’s a Mom-n-Pop pizza shop or a F500 corporation, how many people “does” it take to manage your presence online?

The days where domains were solely an IT function are long since gone. So many times it was the right of passage for the “new guy” to also inherit the domain name portfolio to manage, as soon as they walked through the door. In an industry that’s only spanning a couple of decades, it has been evolving at an exponential rate. I know my Commodore 64 is around here somewhere…..

There are now 700+ domain extensions and more are being approved daily (IDN.DIN’s, .xxx, and an unknown more with the advent of the new gTLD’s) – so how many people does it take to keep track and manage all that? The answer is really everyone. From the frontline staff to the CEO, a company’s online presence touches everyone. Granted, in the Mom-n-Pop pizza shop, “Pop” could be purchasing, marketing, advertising, and production while “Mom” handles finance, logistics, shipping, sales, and customer relations.

Keeping a lid on the next best product launch is almost impossible.  Companies are under huge microscopes from industry hawk-eyes looking for the next best scoop and the mainstream media is watching “everything.” So how do you keep ahead of it all? This is where CSC’s Global Brand Advisory Team can assist.

The larger the organization, the more challenging it is for all the major stakeholders to not only sit at the same table to talk domains, but to even talk to each other at all about domains. CSC can help you facilitate meetings (virtual or on-site) with your stakeholders (legal, marketing, IT, procurement, e-commerce, SEO, online channel, etc.) and assist your team in developing an appropriate model for domain coverage for your brands – with a particular eye on balance between budget and risk.

Once the new product is launched, how do you make sure that its being well received by your customers? How can you be sure that infringers are not taking advantage of your brand online to make them money and divert customers from your site? How can you be sure that people are not using your brand to sell counterfeit goods online? Deploying an effective monitoring regimen, companies can easily see where people are talking and how, ensuring that integrity of their brands is maintained, and ensuring that all their hard work spent doing that, is not wasted.

Make sure you get a first hand look at CSC’s unified monitoring system and how CSC can help you do all those things. Click here to register for one of our up and coming webinars.

Quinn Taggart
Global Brand Advisor
Corporation Service Company

How many people does it take to…….manage domains??
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