Businesses and organizations still have another five days to submit their generic top level domain name (gTLDs) applications.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) reopened its TLD Application System (TAS) on May 21st 2012.

This means registered applicants can now log in, review and submit their applications.

The system will remain open until 11:59 on May 30th 2012.

Applicants are encouraged to review ‘Top Things Users Should Know When TAS Reopens’, which has been posted on the new gTLD microsite.

The document provides advice on logging into and completing applications, submitting wire transfers, and contacting customer service with any issues users might encounter.

Originally, the 90-day TAS window was scheduled to close on April 12th, however the system suffered a technical problem on the final day.

This has forced ICANN to push back its deadline for gTLD applications, and the timeframe for implementation.

“During the last few weeks, we have fixed the technical glitch that caused us to take the system offline. Also, to address user feedback, we have improved the overall system performance and the HTML preview function,” the corporation stated.

“In our continuing review of the system logs and system traffic, we determined that in two instances, a single file might have been temporarily unavailable to an applicant. Full access to those two files has been restored. ICANN notified the affected users.”

ICANN again offered its apologies for inconvenience caused by the glitch and the delayed closing of the application window.

Earlier this month, the corporation confirmed that any parties wishing to withdraw their applications would receive a free refund.

ICANN requires gTLD applications by May 30th
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