The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is seeking an independent objector for the new generic top level domain name (gTLD) program.

From January, organizations will be able to register their own customized domain names, subject to the payment of a $185,000 application fee and ICANN approval.

As ICANN prepares to open the program, it is seeking persons or organizations to determine whether objections should be filed to given gTLD applications.

The independent objector will identify gTLD applications that would be contrary to the public interest if approved.

In light of this public interest goal, they may file objections on limited public interest and community grounds.

Should the applied-for gTLD string be contrary to generally accepted legal norms of morality and public order that are recognized under international principles of law, it should be refused.

And if there is substantial opposition to the gTLD application from a significant portion of the community, there are also grounds for rejection.

ICANN seeks independent objector for gTLD program
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