The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced that it plans to meet with the independent Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) in the coming month to discuss the implementation of a series of new top level domain names.

ICANN will hold talks with GAC ahead of its general meeting in San Francisco, which, among other things, will be used to discuss the fate of the .xxx Web address ending.

The crux of the ICANN/GAC meeting will be an applicant guidebook, which will outline rules for the administration of top level domain names.

Commenting on the new regulations, an ICANN spokesperson said, “Each version has been revised as a result of comments received via the respective public comment forums.”

“The ICANN meeting in Cartagena provided the platform for discussion of the latest version and provided an opportunity for the board to hear first-hand the community’s views,” the spokesperson added.

ICANN recently warned a number of domain name registrars that they need to start escrowing their data or they will lose their licenses.

ICANN to meet with GAC in February
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