U.S. authorities have embarked on a new round of domain name seizures, it has been reported.

According to Torrent Freak, The Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department has resumed “Operation in Our Sites.”

The news provider claimed that two websites linked to third-party online streaming portals have come under the microscope on suspicion of supporting copyright infringement.

ICE last used its powers to seize domain names and shut down websites suspected of illegal activity in February of this year.

A number of the websites targeted have been accused of selling counterfeit goods.

ICE recently said it would continue to monitor the Web and assume control of domain names used to support illegal activity, despite concerns over the practice from some quarters.

Director John Morton claimed that seizing misused domain names serves to educate Internet users and dissuade malpractice.

ICE could seize more domain names

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