In a move to encourage adoption of the HTTPS security protocol, Google is starting to use it as a ranking signal in its search algorithm. This change is an opportunity for website owners to improve search performance and security together.

Globe_lockGoogle’s move is part of its “HTTPS everywhere” initiative, aimed at keeping everyone safe on the web. For any website owner this could affect Google rankings as well as helping you to improve them in the future. Over time, sites that use HTTPS could begin to perform better in search results than those that don’t.

Full details of the development are in this Google blog post, which also provides basic tips for website owners, and there is further useful information in this Webmaster Tools article from the search giant.

CSC can help you make the most of this development by ensuring your sites are secured with HTTPS and by helping you to keep track of your secured domains. We can:

  • Recommend which domains to consider for HTTPS
  • Provide the certificates you need from the top global certificate authorities
  • Help you manage all your certificates in one place (via the same portal as your domains and DNS)
  • Ensure you get early reminders about when SSL certificates are due to expire
  • Offer automated validation (for certain products and setups)

More information: Please visit our website for more details on our SSL certificates.

Further reading: Download our Brand Bulletin: “Calling All Fraudsters: How lapsed SSL certificates expose your business—and what you can do about them.”

Improve your Google search results with HTTPS
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