Criminals could have a virtually free reign on the internet when new generic top level domain names (gTLDs) are launched in 2013, it has been claimed.

According to a USA Today editorial, the number of gTLDs is set to increase from 22 to up to 1,000 when the application and implementation processes are complete in 2013.

And this will create more opportunities for criminal activity such as phishing, and unethical cybersquatting practices.

“Internet crooks already use copycat names – ones similar to, but not exactly like, those of real businesses – to lure customers to fake sites,” USA Today stated.

“More top-tier domains will open more opportunities for fraud.”

The news provider said the small compliance office at ICANN, already cannot keep up with problems involving the current crop of gTLDs.

And according to the Federal Trade Commission, the unprecedented increase in domain names and operators “only increases the risk of a lawless frontier”.

‘Increased crime risk’ when new gTLDs become operational
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