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With so much activity taking place online during the holidays it is vital that businesses have the right SSL certificates in place. These small data files digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details allowing secure connections from a web server to a browser.

These certificates need to be regularly renewed, typically every one to three years, a process which can be a challenge to manage. Each time SSL certificates are issued, the brand must prove it is the rightful owner of the domain.  There are multiple levels of validation, Extended Validation being the most rigorous and with the most customer benefit.

Typically SSL certificates are used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins, which are vital during the biggest shopping day of the year. For consumers, visual clues such as the padlock in the address bar, which should be green, and the trust seal can each help to increase confidence in a brand.

A Symantec infographic has revealed that $8.93 million is lost every year in the US due to online scams, indicating just how important it is that brands operating online have the correct levels of security in place.

Keeping customers safe online is imperative and choosing a trusted provider for SSLs before the holidays is vital for both a brand’s e-commerce and online brand protection strategies.

“Brands looking to protect themselves ahead of the increased traffic during the holiday spending season should analyze their certificates and domain names to find out what SSL certificates they own and what processes they have in place to manage them,” said Melissa Takahashi, Product Manager at CSC Digital Brand Services.

“The portfolio can then be consolidated so registration, renewal and verification can all be managed from one place, avoiding any unplanned lapses in certificates.  It is then important to develop a policy as you would for domain names or social media accounts so you can manage certificates efficiently on a continuing basis.”

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[Infographic] Is your website safe this holiday season?