The Trademark Clearinghouse - A Strategy for Success Infographic


You have choices when it comes to registering your trademarks with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

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For more information on registering your trademarks and your new gTLD strategy contact CSC Digital Brand Services. a registered agent of the Trademark Clearinghouse.







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  1. TMCH – use an agent or go alone? You have a choice. Know the facts.
  2. Sunrise periods for New gTLDs are opening soon. TMCH registrations are a must to participate.
  3. TMCH registrations take time and can be confusing. Learn how an agent can help.
  4. How many marks will you register in the TMCH? How will you decide which marks to register?
  5. Registering your TMs in the TMCH is critical for protecting your brands in New gTLDs.
  6. Registering your TMs in the TMCH yourself? You have choices.
  7. Are your TMs and brands safe in New gTLDs?
Infographic: Your Trademark Clearinghouse Choices

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