Organizations which are interested in securing a generic top level domain name (gTLD) now have further information on the application process.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has created an interactive demonstration of the online application system, which is now available to be viewed on the organisation’s gTLD microsite.

According to ICANN, the demonstration is in a clickable flash format and shows the main features of the application system.

“You will be able to navigate through key screens and get a feel for how the process will work,” the corporation explained.

“The demo previews several aspects of the process, including how to complete the user and applicant profiles, create new applications, and complete and submit the full application.”

ICANN said it would continue to make changes to improve the gTLD registration guidance tools over the coming weeks and months.

Companies and other organizations will be able to apply for their gTLD of choice between January 12th and April 12th 2012, subject to the payment of a $185,000 fee.

They will also be required to pay an annual retainer of $20,000 to ICANN, enabling the gTLD to be used for internet domain names.

Interactive demonstration launched for gTLD applicants
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