The global intellectual property (IP) community faces three major challenges over the coming years, according to a leading industry organization.

Francis Gurry, director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), said the management of IP applications and the migration of all cultural content to the internet will create difficulties for international stakeholders.

A further challenge is the need to enhance the capacity of developing countries to use the IP system for encouraging innovation and creativity, he added.

Mr. Gurry claimed that deep engagement and commitment would be required to address these challenges successfully.

“The atmosphere amongst member states has greatly improved,” Mr. Gurry said, referring to progress in WIPO’s normative agenda.

He claimed that closer collaboration and understanding among member states has helped the community work towards solutions on issues such as international trademark protections.

Mr. Gurry said that “extraordinary engagement” between WIPO participants has made this possible in recent years.

Earlier this month, WIPO reported that trademarks are currently the most common form of IP protection sought by applicants.

IP community faces major challenges, says WIPO
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