A new Japanese restaurant has been denied a US State trademark for its name, after concerns were raised over its morality.

Restaurant owner Paul Ardaji settled on the name Fuku – which means ‘good fortune’ in Japanese – but the Florida Department of State Divisions has refused to issue a mark for the name.

It said the proposed trademark consists of, compromises or includes immoral, deceptive or scandalous matter – a reference to its pronunciation, which – inadvertently or not – alludes to a four-letter slur.

Mr. Ardaji expressed disappointment at the decision, saying the state had looked at things “from a very narrow scope”.

“I think they’ll realize it’s not our intention to be scandalous or deceptive,” he added.

An appeal has been lodged challenging the decision of the Florida Department of State Divisions not to award a trademark.

Mr. Ardaji confirmed that, irrespective of the outcome, the restaurant will open to the public next month.

Japanese restaurant refused trademark over ‘immoral’ name
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