As the British royal wedding edges closer, Kate Middleton’s family is garnering more public attention and has responded by taking steps to protect its image.

The family has registered the domain names of their other two children, and, reports the Daily Mail, preventing the names from being used by anyone looking to get publicity on the back of the royal wedding.

However, the family was not quick enough to snap up their most famous child’s domain name and websites featuring variations of Kate Middleton are being used by a variety of companies from fan sites devoted to the princess-to-be to a Spanish property portal.

All told, there are roughly 40 websites with Kate Middleton in their name, the news provider suggests.

Last month it was reported that domain names related to the royal wedding were selling for thousands of pounds.

The domain, which is very similar to the palace’s official website, had an asking price of £25,000.

Kate Middleton’s family protects its domains
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