Long-winded, sector-specific domain names could soon be a thing of the past as Google looks beyond simple keyword density.

According to IT expert and Reel SEO contributor Jeremy Scott, Google is constantly updating its algorithms and the importance of specific websites to the Internet-using public is in constant flux.

The rule changes are often not just cosmetic, Mr. Scott claims, and Google could soon overhaul the way in which domain names are used in the process of ranking websites.

“For instance, the meta-description and meta-keyword tags don’t really impact your ranking anymore these days — but six or seven years ago were still pretty important,” Mr. Scott said.

He added: “And the next big change seems likely to involve the weight given to keyword-rich domains.”

Recently, Google introduced a new feature that allows Web users to block websites from the company’s search engine rankings that they consider to be spam.

Keyword-heavy domain names could be a thing of the past
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