When preparing a domain name strategy, it is important to understand how consumers in a country respond to your brand.  Therefore, blanket domain name coverage of a “Brand String + A Relevant Term in English” is not recommended.  When analyzing the direct navigation patterns of a potential Luxury Goods Consumer in “France vs. the US”, they are more likely to include French terms in there domain names like “sac” instead of the English translation of “bags”.

CSC’s Brand Advisory Team can therefore help customize domain name coverage for all international markets.  For example, in France “SacBrandx.fr” may resonate more with the French consumer then “BrandxBags.fr” and may in turn get more direct navigation traffic and have a better impact on your Search Engine Rankings as well.

Localization is Key for Global Success…

Vincent D’Angelo
Director, Global Brand Advisors, Corporation Service Company

Localization is Key for Global Success

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