Another country has completed the String Evaluation on a proposed internationalized domain name (IDN) country code top level domain (ccTLD), it has been revealed.

Malaysia has now reached the String Delegation stage of its IDN application, under the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) fast-track process created in November 2009.

It has become the 29th nation to pass the evaluation stage since ICANN announced plans to allow countries to use non-Latin script in domain names.

Malaysia’s application has been evaluated in accordance with the technical and linguistic requirements for the IDN ccTLD string criteria.

This means the script will be non-Latin, it will be an official language in Malaysia and all technical requirements have been met.

Last month, ICANN revealed that Kazakhstan – which aims to launch Cyrillic domain name script – had become the 28th nation to pass String Evaluation.

The not-for-profit organization is promoting the use of IDNs in a bid to increase levels of internet adoption around the world.

Malaysia moves closer to internationalized domain names
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